Rules & Regulations

Team registrations must be paid prior to the first game of the season. Non-payment may result in the team being expelled from the competition.

All teams must have access to goal-nets/corner flags and two complete playing strips that adhere to ASFA & FIFA regulations, regarding colour and numbering. Teams looking for kit supplier are encouraged to check out the ASFA Adidas Shop.

Any team playing unregistered guest players, or players ineligible through having played in a Northern Regional Football League (NRFL) team or another regional equivalent may face expulsion from the league.

Transfers between teams within an entity or club may only be made after approval from the Registrations Officer, prior to the player playing in the new team. More details can be found within Regulation 1 of the ASFA Constitution.

Kick-off times and grounds change and last minute postponements are not uncommon. Always check MyComet on a Sunday morning to ensure you head to the right ground at the right time.

The playing pitch is to be prepared by the home team (with posts, nets and corner posts) and available for inspection by the referee
30 minutes prior to the scheduled kick-off time.

All teams permitted to participate in the ASFA competition must provide adequate changing facilities. Failure to provide adequate facilities may result in the ASFA finding suitable facilities and billing the team for these facilities on a weekly basis until the team finds suitable facilities. Grounds without suitable changing facilities and showers may be overlooked as a home venue by the ASFA Executive Committee.

All league matches will have a normal duration of 90 minutes, comprised of two equal halves. No result will be recorded if less than 70 minutes of cumulative play has elapsed. Should play be stopped for any reason, the decision to suspend play for any time, or abandon the match shall be at the sole discretion of the referee.

The referee is the sole judge of time. Match results will be recorded as being the score at the end of scheduled play, subject to any appeals and protests being upheld by the Executive Committee.

It is recommended that an official of the home team contact an official of the away team to confirm all details. It is recommended that an official of the away team contact an official of the home team on the day of the match to re-confirm.

No team may change the kick off time of its own accord under any circumstances. A request to change the fixture time must be submitted in writing to the ASFA Executive Committee no later than 4 days prior to the scheduled kickoff time. Teams changing fixture times without written consent from the ASFA Executive Committee will default the fixture and may incur a monetary fine.

No team may postpone, cancel or transfer a fixture. If a fixture is postponed without the consultation of the ASFA Executive Committee, one, or both teams may be defaulted for the fixture, recorded as a 3-0 loss, lose 3 competition points, and may incur a monetary fine. A request to change the venue must be submitted in writing to the ASFA Executive Committee no later then 4 days prior to the fixture.

Changing a fixture without the consent of the ASFA Executive Committee may result in the home team being defaulted and a monetary fine.

Requests to postpone a fixture after this time may not be granted by the ASFA Executive Committee. Postponements may be granted at late notice in extreme circumstances. The ASFA Executive Committee reserves the right to deny any requests submitted at its own discretion.

A maximum of one requested postponement is permitted per team, per season. Teams may only request a postponement so long as it is submitted no less than 10 days prior to the scheduled kickoff.

If a field closure should occur an official from the home team must contact the competition manager at the earliest convenient time for an alternate ground. Should an alternate ground be available, reasonable notice to both teams must be given and, if necessary, the commencement of play delayed by no more than 1 hour to allow travelling time to the ground and field preparation time.

All team cards must be completed on MyComet by midnight the day before the game, with the players registered names only. Nicknames will are not acceptable and will be regarded as an unregistered player.

All teams must comply with the ASFA’s “Code of Conduct” relating to violent conduct and Referee abuse (a copy is available upon request). Any team that fails to comply with the Code of Conduct will be dealt with as per ASFA regulations.

All teams should refer to the latest version of the ASFA Constitution for further information, or contact the relevant member of the ASFA committee.