Week 7, Sunday 27th SeptemberResult
Indy vs AFC Boh Celtic 1 2-2
FC Eagles vs InterAway win
Zamantix RD vs HNK Auckland4-7
Week 6, Sunday 2nd AugustResult
AFC Boh Celtic 1 vs Zamantix RD 5-3
Indy vs FC Eagles 2-1
HNK Auckland vs Inter (2020 Charity Shield Game)1-1
Week 5, Sunday 26th JulyResult
Inter vs Zamantix RD 9-1
HNK Auckland vs Indy2-2
AFC Boh Celtic 1 vs FC Eagles 3-2
Week 4, Sunday 19th JulyResult
HNK Auckland vs AFC Boh Celtic 1 0-6
Indy vs Inter2-3
Zamantix RD vs FC Eagles 1-5
Week 3, Sunday 5th JulyResult
Indy vs Zamantix RD3-1
AFC Boh Celtic 1 vs Inter4-2
HNK Auckland vs FC Eagles 2-5
Week 2, Sunday 28th JuneAll Games Postponed.
Fixtures still to be rescheduled.
Week 1, Sunday 21st JuneResult
Zamantix RD vs AFC Boh Celtic 14-3
F.C. Eagles vs Indy2-0
Inter vs HNK Auckland3-1