Dr’s Diagnosis – September 27th, 2020

After a COVID-19 enforced break of 7 long weeks (55 days), the ASFA was delighted to be able to offer 40 football teams the opportunity to play 90 minutes of football last weekend, with many teams finally getting the chance to play the week 2 fixture that was postponed back on Sunday 28th June due to wet weather (lightning nearly struck twice, with Auckland being hit by heavy rain showers only hours before these games were scheduled to kick-off)

15 league fixtures were played, resulting in 109 goals being scored. 9 of these fixtures were played at the home of Albany United FC (Rosedale Park 1, 2, 3 & 4).

5 fixtures featured 10 or more goals with the most (12) coming in the Master 1 game between Korean Tigers and West Auckland United (4-8).

The biggest win of the day award went to Albany Green Machine (for the second time this season) who celebrated finishing top of the Championship by beating FC Khukuri 10-1.

There were two clean sheets to celebrate, with Zamantix Force failing to score against Zamantix Rovers Return (who scored 7) and Waiheke Old Fullas unable to beat the Greenhithe City keeper in their 4-0 loss.

My match of the day is the 5-5 thriller played out between Gurkha and Kamarak in League 1.

3 teams were awarded the 3 points as a result of their opponents being unable or unprepared to field a team and 2 teams agree to settle for a draw and share 1 point each.

1 friendly fixture was organised (also at Rosedale Park), in which another 8 goals were scored. AUT FC 1 (Championship) scored 6 of them against Ellerslie Tropics (League 2).

Congratulations to everyone who participated in an ASFA fixture this year, regardless of how many fixtures you played, won or how many goals you scored/prevented. The six teams that finished top of their leagues will be crowned the 2020 champions at Finals Day on October 11th, but there will be no promotion or relegation.

The 6 teams to finish top of their leagues are: AFC Bohemian Celtics 1 (Premiership), Albany Green Machine (Championship), Zamantix Rovers Return (League 1), Exit Trials (League 2), West Auckland United (Masters 1) and Saigon United (Master 2). Of these 6 teams, 3 went undefeated (AGM, West AKL Utd and Saigon Utd) and 2 had a 100% win record (AGM & West AKL United). CHAMPIONS!

All our attention now shifts to the conclusion of our Cup and Plate competitions with 22 teams featuring in next weekend’s Semi-Final Sunday. 11 fixtures will be played on six fields, four of which will be at Rosedale Park (home of Albany United FC).

1 team (Ellerslie Tropics) will no doubt be looking for another friendly fixture, having being awarded free pass to the ASFA Finals Day on October 11 (their opponents are unable to field a team). Maybe a rematch against AUT FC?

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