Conditions of Entry, Registration Forms & Fees

If you’re looking to register a team into the 47th, please send an email to before the end of March 2021. Details below.

  • Each entry form must be completed in full and must be accompanied by a minimum deposit of $300.00
  • All teams must be fully financial prior to the first game of the season. Failure to be financial may result in your team being withdrawn from the competition for that year. All payments should either be by cheque (made out to ‘Auckland Sunday Football Association’) or direct-credited into the ASFA’s bank account. Reference your team name on the cheque/bank deposit
  • All teams must: have access to goal-nets/corner flags and two complete playing strips that adhere to ASFA & FIFA. regulations regarding colour and numbering. Failure to comply with this will result in your team defaulting the fixture.
  • All teams must comply with the ASFA’s “Code of Conduct” relating to violent conduct and Referee abuse (a copy is available upon request). Any team that fails to comply with the Code of Conduct will be subject to punishment as per ASFA regulations
  • All teams should refer to the ASFA Constitution (available upon request) for further information, or contact the relevant ASFA committee member