Who is Laszlo Fristaczki?

Laszlo Fristaczki, the man behind LaasBall and the LaasGoal, first landed in Auckland in 2002, and has been a valued friend of the ASFA since participating in the family football fiesta organised as a part of our 40th anniversary in 2015. Like most Hungarians, Laszlo LOVES football!

In 2017, Laszlo kindly offered to give up his Sunday afternoons and film some ASFA games, providing free edited highlights online for all to enjoy (including the members of our judicial panel!). He is the man behind the camera.

Those wanting to watch is highlights should visit the facebook page he has set up:


I was saddened to read that our mutual friend recently received some verbal abuse whilst filming a fixture, which is totally unacceptable. I was pleased to see him publicly shame those responsible (they owe him an apology). I was equally pleased to see the number of positive comments and support that he has subsequently received from those who appreciate his efforts and enthusiasm. He has our blessing, and the feedback from the teams that he has featured has been overwhelmingly positive.

Next time you see him, please say hello!

Anyone wanting to know more about the LaasGoal or LaasBall, should check out his website http://www.laasball.com or, better still, head over to Billy Mack and have a chat.





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