Weekly Match Reports wanted!!!

As some of you will have noticed, Rich (aka the Doc) is currently struggling to find the hour or two he needs during the week to produce his weekly round up.

What he would really like to see is the official ASFA home page being used by clubs looking to promote themselves (and their sponsors), and for teams to start submitting their own weekly match report (200 words max), which we could then edit and upload for others to enjoy.

Our facebook page is great for our current and past members, but the ASFA website is often the first port of call for non-members looking to find out more about our competition.

Based on feedback from last year, and at the AGM, the main focus this year has been to ensure that the league tables, results and fixtures are always accurate. I have updated the club information based on what we were given at the start of the season, but am aware that changes have occured since then.

If you’re a current player or manager, please take a look at your club’s page, and email me if anything needs changing (or if you’ve got a photo you’d like added).

If you have ideas on how we could make better use of our website, then this is your opportunity to help us improve it.

email: cambridge@asfa.co.nz



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