Chatham Cup News – The first round of the Chatham Cup is scheduled to be played over the weekend of May 12th and 13th, and the ASFA will be represented by four teams, two from the Premiership and two from the Championship.  Internationale have to travel over the Harbour Bridge to play the Clive Campbell coached NRFL 1st Division side Forest Hill-Milford at Becroft Park, whilst Kiwi True Blues host NRFL 1st Division Tauranga City.  HNK Auckland host Te Atatu’s NRFL 1st Division side Waitemata AFC, whilst the University of Auckland have the furthest to travel (275km), having been drawn against Central North Island side Taupo.

ASFA Prem-Champ Cup – Round One – AUT 1 (P) vs FC Eagles (C), Bohemian Celtic 1 (P) vs United FC (C), UoA (C) vs Zamantix Rovers Deuce (P), Auckland Wanderers (P) vs Spermwhales (C), HNK Auckland (C) vs Bohemian Celtics 2 (C), Independiente (P) vs Western Wanderers (C), Kiwi True Blues (P) vs Khukuri (C), Auckland Volcanoes (P) vs Internationale (P). All Games to be played Sunday May 20th

ASFA L1, L2 & Conference Cup – Round One – Zamantix Rovers Old Boys (MC) vs Korean Tigers (MC), Serious FC (MC) vs Zamantix Force (L1), Old Fellas (MC) vs Aotea Sport Eastern (L2), Albany Green Machine (L2) vs City Fringe (L1), Zamantix Rovers Return (L1) vs Greenhithe City (MC), Waiheke Old Fullas (MC) vs AUT 2 (L1), Saigon (L2) vs U-Striker (MC), Double Rum Greenhithe (L1)  vs Viet Stars (L2), Viet NZ (MC) vs All Red (L2), Kamarak (L1) vs Dalian (L1), Waitakere Rangers (L2) Auckland Unicorns (L2), Nixon Park = Round 1 Bye. All Games to be played Sunday May 20th

P = Premiership, C = Championship, L1 = League 1,  L2 = League 2,  MC = Masters Conference