Fixtures – Round 14

(catch up schedule will be worked on this week)

Premiership – 24th July 2016

University of Auckland FC vs The Patriot
Coxs Bay Reserve – 2:00pm

Auckland Volcanoes vs AUT FC
Simson Reserve 1 – 2:00pm

Internationale FC vs Bohemian Celtic 1
Seddon Fields 2FT – 2:45pm

Zamantix vs Independiente FC
Bill McKinlay Park – 4:00pm

Championship – 24th July 2016

SudAmerica vs Khukuri FC
Crossfield Reserve 3 –  1:30pm

City Fringe FC vs AUT FC 2
Walker Park 1 – 2:00pm

Kingsland Athletic vs Bohemian Celtic 2
Walker Park 5 – 2:00pm

Chinese Star vs Auckland Wanderers
Keith Hay Park 10 – 2:30pm

League One – 24th July 2016

United FC vs Kiwi Trues Blues FC
Eastdale Park 3 – 12:00pm

Nixon Park FC vs University of Auckland FC
Reserves Pollard Park 1 – 12:00pm

Colo Boys FC vs Aotea Sport Eastern
Wainoni Park 3 – 12:00pm

Kamarak FC vs Double Rum Greenhithe
Rongomai Reserve 2 – 2:00pm

League Two – 24th July 2016

Zamantix Force vs Viti FC
Bill McKinlay Park – 12:00pm

Zamantix Rovers Return vs Unitec FC
Colin Maiden Park 3 – 2:00pm

Salam United vs Massey-Albany FC
Valonia Field 1 – 2:00pm

Saigon FC vs U-Striker
Barry Curtis Park 2 – 3:00pm

Conference – 24th July 2016

Zamantix Rovers Old Boys vs Boys to Men Pukekohe AFC
Bill McKinlay Park – 2:00pm

Bros Company FC vs Soccer FC
Rosedale Park 2 – 2:00pm

Greenhithe City vs Ranui Swanson FC
Greenhithe War Memorial – 3:00pm

All Red FC vs Beta FC
Pollard Park 1 – 3:00pm

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