Rich’s Round Up – Week 1

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86 goals scored in 16 games, excluding the 6 scored in the friendly between U-Striker and Viet Stars. 20 came in just one game, all scored by the same team… some teams won’t have scored that by the end of the season.

I’ve just read the comments posted onto our Facebook page, and can fully understand some people questioning whether the Western Wanderers are of a Championship standard. A 20-0 loss against a team who were playing in our third tier last season would suggest that the newbies either underestimated the quality of the competition or overestimated their ability to compete. However, before we jump to any conclusions, we must also remember that their newly promoted opponents were a team that won 14 out of 14 in League 1 last season, scoring 71 goals and only conceding 11. One could therefore argue that HNK Auckland are the team that doesn’t belong in the second tier of our competition. Assuming the western wanderers have not been put off, or asked to take the vacant space in League 2, i’m sure that we will all be waiting for the scores to come out next sunday evening to see how they go against United FC.

i’ll start this review in the Premiership, where Internationale continued their winning run and kicked off their defence of the title won last year with a convincing 5-1 win away at newly promoted AUT FC 1. Auckland Volcanoes (Last year’s runners up) shared the points against Zamantix Rovers, following a 2-2 draw, whilst Auckland Wanderers (last year’s injury-ravaged early pace setters) were made to work hard for their first 3 points; a 1-0 win against Kiwi True Blues (last year’s Championship winners). Independiente overcame Bohemians Celtic 2-0 in the other fixture of the opening round.

From 2-0 to that 20-0 scoreline. No, that’s not a typo, HNK really did score twenty goals in their first game in the Championship against Western Wanderers (one of the seven new teams signed up to the ASFA this year). FC Eagles, one of the other new teams to have requested a space in the Championship, also suffered a heavy defeat in their opening game, going down 5-1 to United FC. Sadly, we will have to wait another week to see how the third new team, the Spermwhales (no, that’s not a typo either), cope with the standard of football found in the second tier of our competition. I’m not privy to the reasons why their first fixture against Bohemians Celtic 2 was postponed, nor do i know why the University of Auckland’s opening fixture against Khukuri was not played. Let’s hope they all make it onto the field next week. All i know is that the Spermwhales are scheduled to play the Uni of Auckland next week, whilst Bohemian Celtic 2 will get the chance to see how good the HNK Auckland strikers really are.

There were 18 goals scored in three of the four opening League One fixtures, with Dalian beating Zamantix Rovers Return 6-0, Nixon Park beating newly promoted Double Rum Greenhithe 5-0 and former Championship side City Fringe beating the AUT FC 2 boys 5-1. Clearly, some teams have spend a lot of the pre-season practicing their shooting, whilst others needed to spend more time working on their defensive structures. Zamantix Force took the three points in the other game, beating Kamarak 3-1.

The new entrants in League 2 faired a lot better than those in the Championships, with the Waikatere Rangers securing their first 3 points of the season with a 4-3 win over Auckland Unicorns and the Albany Green Machine sharing the points with a 1-1 draw against Saigon FC. Viet Stars 5-1 win against U-Striker would suggest that they are going to be a strong addition to this competition. Aotea Sport Eastern took the 3 points in the only game featuring two sides who competed last season, a 3-2 win over a much imporved All Red FC.

Finally, last year’s winners, Old Fellas, started with a 5-0 home win against one of the two newly recruited Over 35s teams in our expanded Masters league. Elsewhere, Serious FC were narrowly beaten 2-1 by the Old Fullas from Waiheke Utd and the Old Boys from Zamantix Rovers had to share the points against the newly arrived Korean Tigers. Greenhithe City had the week off.

League tables and future fixtures can be found on our facebook page!

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