Charity Shield

Since 1984, the ASFA Season has kicked off with a friendly fixture between the premier league champions and the premier cup winners.

The 2020 Charity Shield is provisionally scheduled to take place on Sunday 29th of March. Premiership Champions HNK will be taking on the PC Cup winners the Auckland Panthers at Parrs Park, Oratia.

In 2019, the ASFA introduced a second season-opening fundraising fixture; the Community Plate. The Community Plate is contested between the winner of League 1 and the winner of the Michael Trevor Jones Cup. Last year that was Dalian FC vs Old Fellas. This year it will be Western Wanderers vs Zamantix Rovers Return. The game will also be played at Parrs Park on the 29th March.

This year will see a third friendly fixture added to the day, with the three-peat Winners of our Masters League, the Old Fellas, playing, the team formerly known as Food4Less Oratia Utd, the winners of the Stuart McMonagle Cup.

Past Charity Shield Winners: 1984: Greenhithe City, 1985: Europlan, 1986-1988: Enterprise Cars Henderson, 1989: Air New Zealand, 1990: Carlton, 1991: West Harbour, 1992-1994: West Harbour Shakespeare Inn, 1995: Cadcam Services & West Harbour, 1996: Celtic Supporters, 1997: Cadcam Services, 1998: Tuck-Inn 2 Coffee Shop, 1999: Dispensary Bar, 2000: Celtic Supporters, 2001-2004: Bohemian Celtic, 2005: Internationale FC, 2006: Celtic Supporters, 2007: Bohemian Celtic, 2008: Bohemian Celtic & O’Carrolls FC, 2009: Bohemian Celtic 1 & Internationale FC, 2010: Bohemian Celtic 1, 2011: Bohemian Celtic 1 & Pakuranga FC, 2012: Bohemian Celtic 1, 2013: Pakuranga Utd, 2014: Bohemian Celtic 1, 2015: Internationale FC, 2016: University of Auckland FC, 2017: The Patriot, 2018: Internationale FC, 2019: 2020:

Past Community Plate Winners: 2019: Old Fellas