Rich’s Round Up – Week 14

Congratulations to the Old Fellas for their successful defence of the Master Over 35s Conference, and for HNK Auckland and Dalian FC for being the first two teams to secure promotion to the Premiership and Championship respectively. It was a high stakes, high-scoring, round in the Premiership, with 25 goals scored

Rich’s Round Up – Week 13

Apologies once again for making you wait for this week's round up.  Going by the emails and online messages, I think some people occasionally forget that we're all volunteers doing this for the love of the game.  We all lead increasingly busy lives, seven days a week.  Sunday is no

Rich’s Round Up – Week 12

Wet wasn't it?!  Amazingly, there were 10 games that managed to beat the weather gods and get to the end. All four Premiership games were either postponded or abandoned due to the conditions, despite three of them being played on Artificial Turf. This coming weekend sees first host third, second hosts

Rich’s Round Up – Week 11

This time next week, the global game will have new World Champions. Will it by the French, the Belgians, the Croats or the English that are celebrating at 5am next monday morning?  is football really coming home, or are the English fans going to be left dissapointed once again? I'm

Rich’s Round Up – Cup & Plate Quarters

Apologies for the late submission of this round up, but apparently the one written and posted late on sunday evening (the one written below) failed to actually load up as expected. I've only just noticed the error, having decided to share an article that I have been asked to write

Rich’s Round Up – Week 10

Another full round of games were played over the weekend and another 114 more goals scored/conceded across our five divisions. In the Premiership, the top four teams proved too strong for the bottom four teams, with leaders Kiwi True Blues, second placed Inter and third placed Zamantix Rovers Deuce all scoring

Rich’s Round Up – Week 9

No postponements and no abandonments to report off this week, which makes for a pleasant change.  There were nineteen games played, the majority of which were round nine fixtures. 96 goals scored/conceded. Well played everyone! Only one change in the Premiership following this round of fixtures, with Auckland Volcanoes' 3-0 win

Who is Laszlo Fristaczki?

Laszlo Fristaczki first landed in Auckland in 2002, and has been a friend of the ASFA since participating in the family football fiesta organised as a part of our 40th anniversary in 2015. Like most Hungarians, Laszlo LOVES attacking football and celebrating GOALS! His passion led him to create the LaasGoal (pictured

Rich’s Round Up – Week 8

Before the weekly round up the results from the Queen's Birthday Weekend, I want to address some of the comments being made on Facebook and Messenger about the lack of AFF referees this season.  I know it's upsetting to everyone involved, although we rarely hear anything from the winning players