Calling all footballers born in the 1960s, 70s and early 80s…

We’ve already received enquiries about the possible re-launch of an over 35s Masters League in 2017, which seems fitting considering that Auckland will host the 2017 World Masters Games (the football competition is already full, but they need referees!).

If we can make this happen, we will. We tried this year (see old poster below), but struggled to get enough teams to make it viable (we have 3 provisional registrations, but need at least 6)!

Emails are being sent out to all saturday league clubs, on both sides of the harbour bridge, pushing the many advantages of playing the greatest game in the world on a sunday afternoon…

If interested in entering a team, looking to join an existing team, or aware of others that might be, please contact Craig Harrison at or Richard Wright at before the 2017 ASFA AGM on Sunday 19th February.

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