“a competitive summer league in the spirit of having fun and fair play”.

ASFA is happy to promote the…

Wax Eye Sports and Preforming Arts Trust Inc

11- a side Summer League 2018-19

When:       Sunday October/November Start with a Christmas Break

Where:      West Auckland                       Entry fee:  $400.00

Team Sponsorship package: (Team naming rights):

  1. $3300.00 (including playing strip no menswear and entry fee)
  2. $3600.00 (including menswear no playing strip and entry fee)
  3. $5000.00 (including menswear and playing Strip and entry fee)
  4. $2000.00 (with own playing strip, entry fee included)


  • Games will be played on normal size fields with 2 x 45-minute halves
  • Teams will have maximum of 18 registered players and coach and manager
  • All teams will play a minimum of 18 games in 10 team round robin format.
  • Referee provided for every game.
  • Competition age: 18 and over
  • League rules and fixtures will be distributed to team managers via email on registration.
  • Managers Meeting Prior to Start of the Summer League
  • Prizes

To help us organise this event, please register your entry asap. neilnwilliam@xtra.co.nz


WESAPAT Inc Chairman: Neil Haines


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